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Egeria and Flexoplast look back on their collaboration: ambitious plans, trust and real entrepreneurship.

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Our approach

Egeria Private Equity is structured in two teams in order to optimize value creation for each individual investment. We have a solid backbone of institutional investors, families and team commitment. The portfolio currently consists of 17 companies in various sectors. We have an international approach but focus on companies that have a strong link to the Netherlands,  Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We firmly believe that people make the difference, that investments in digitalization are key to achieve sustainable growth and that excellence in everything you do makes you stand out from the crowd. Every growth path is different and we actively support our companies with investments, add-on acquisitions or international growth. Entrepreneurs and management teams lead the way and we build on their experience and knowledge. But we do more than providing capital. For instance, we support our companies with the hands-on involvement of our in-house Human capital and Digitalization experts, focusing on building similar competences within the companies.

Egeria encourages growth initiatives that drive sustainable value creation rather than short-term gains. The common denominators we seek in our investments include strong market positions, sustainable business models and committed teams. That is what boldly building together means to us.

Two teams – two strategies:


We are currently investing our fifth fund with a total equity commitment of €800 million. We invest in healthy businesses in the Netherlands and the DACH region with an enterprise value of up to €350 million with the underlying principle that management is co-owner. Our investment horizon is between five and seven years on average. Our interest lies in businesses with growth potential that are active in a market with attractive prospects.

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Building on a portfolio of five to seven international platform companies that benefit from an extended investment horizon. Our Evergreen fund has an indefinite lifetime and committed capital of €700 million, with flexibility in terms of timing and allocation and a typical holding period of 10+ years.

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Our expertise

Human capital

Human capital@2x

The success of an organization depends on the people who work there. We build winning teams across our portfolio companies by developing capabilities such as team building, effective talent selection, succession planning, training and development. But being successful together is not just a matter of acting rationally and intellectually: we also try to connect our heads with our hearts in order to achieve a sustainable high level of performance.



Digital technologies are critical value drivers in any industry. On the one hand, they enable new business models and more efficient processes, while on the other they require new capabilities in customer interaction, collaboration, technology, security and privacy.

We help Nooteboom Textiles in the transformation from analogue wholesale to digital disruptor. Do you want to know how we do this?

Operational excellence

Operational excellence@2x

Focus on what you do best and create an environment where you can convert your strengths into sustainable growth and satisfied customers. We build a performance culture and help organizations scale their processes and gain operational control through KPI dashboards.

Royal Sanders has done more than just sell shampoo to become a leader in personal care.

Commercial effectiveness

Commercial effectiveness@2x

Inzicht in de problemen van onze klanten is essentieel voor duurzame groei. Omzetgroei is te realiseren door een commerciële roadmap te formuleren op basis van inzichten uit de beschikbare data. Die strategie wordt vervolgens vertaald in klantproposities, prijsmodellen, een dynamiek voor de salesteams en innovatieve product/markt-combinaties. Wij weten wat nodig is om uw commerciële effectiviteit te vergroten.

Kijk hier wat we hebben bereikt met Den Braven.

Buy and build

Buy and build@2x

Careful selection of acquisitions can accelerate growth in new markets and regions. We can actively support management with our experience in mergers & acquisitions and our extensive network of industry experts.

Read how we, together with management, transformed GoodLife Foods from a supplier of frozen meat products in the Benelux to a platform for frozen snacks in Northwest Europe.

International expansion

International expansion@2x

Most of our portfolio companies have an international footprint or are planning to expand their business abroad. It is important to realize that there is no universal method that works everywhere. When starting up activities abroad, the business practices and habits of the new market should be taken into account. Egeria has a lot of experience with international expansions.

Learn how we helped MCi achieve a strong sales and manufacturing footprint in China.

“Both on a strategic and analytical level, as well as in execution, we have a partner by our side we can build on.”

Jan Willem Gelderblom | CEO The Employment Group