WPS Brasil

In August 2015 Egeria acquired Dynniq (formerly Imtech Traffic & Infra) from Koninklijke Imtech N.V.

Under Egeria ownership, the Dynniq activities were separated into three standalone companies promoting focus and local entrepreneurship: Mobility, Energy, and Parking. Currently only the WPS Brasil parking activities remain under Egeria ownership.

WPS Brazil is a leading parking automation solutions provider for offstreet parking. The company offers an integrated proposition of all required software, hardware, and lifetime servicing. Provided functionalities include access control, payment, parking management solutions and complementary functionalities such as marketing and integration with other applications.

WPS Brazil was part of the Dynniq group which also included other infrastructure-related activities: Mobility (sold in 2021), Energy (sold in 2022), and WPS North parking activities (sold in 2023).