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We invest in talent. We currently have over 70 professionals working in various practices, with offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and USA. We’re always looking for people who have what it takes to succeed at Egeria:

It’s an ability, a character trait, something you have in you – or you don’t. At Egeria we want people, all of our people, not just to have it, but to show it. True Ownerships shows. It’s about how we approach our work – and how we relate to others.

Do you recognize yourself in these ideas?

Keep it personal

True ownership is about taking it personal. We invest as if it’s our own money. We accept – and enjoy – serious responsibilities and feel personally responsible for our investments. We’re courageous and competitive, but in a down to earth, committed and intelligent manner. Working closely with all kinds of people, we keep relations personal: our commitment is not just rational, it’s emotional just as well.

See it through

We’re entrepreneurs, as much as investors. We’re in it for the longer term. Or rather, we make bold decisions, and stick with them. Whether our commitment is for a year or much longer, we don’t take our hands off it, for as long as it is needed. True Ownership shows itself through a steadfast determination from start to finish.

Build positive impact

We’re building very positive impact with our investments. This is a firm believe: what is good for our investments, is good for entrepreneurs, for their people, for the quality of buildings, for tenants and for living environments. The possibility to invest creates power. We make sure it’s in good hands and accept the responsibility it brings – especially when tough decisions have to be made.

Stay connected

In our line of work, we should not venture alone. At Egeria we support and give each other backup. Even when we work in different places, in different industries, even when the Egeria family becomes bigger and more differentiated, we make sure we never lose the connection.

Are you curious to see what the collaborations with our portfolio companies look like in practice? Watch our case videos here.

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Character goes a long way

The ability to show true ownership is a character trait, more than anything else. So it’s fair to ask yourself: from which character traits is it built? Tick three boxes. That’s all we need.