GoodLife Foods

In 2014, Egeria acquired GoodLife Foods (formerly known as Izico) from Royal Wessanen N.V.
After a period of strong growth, Egeria has sold GoodLife Foods to IK in 2023 and has re-invested a minority stake in the company.

GoodLife Foods is a leading, frozen snack producer selling its products throughout Europe. Out-of-home and retail are the most important distribution channels for the company. GoodLife Foods is active in a broad range of frozen snack products including frikadellen, hamburgers, spring rolls, samosas and meat-free snacks for both frying and oven cooking. To strengthen the product portfolio and geographical footprint, the company has completed various add-on acquisitions in the past three years.

GoodLife Foods sells its products under the Beckers, Bicky, Daloon, De Vries Van Oers, Goodlife and Exellent brands, complemented by a full range of private label products.

Thanks to Egeria we can respond quickly to developments and immediately manufacture large volumes.

Kamiel Steendijk | CFO GoodLife Foods

How we support GoodLife Foods in the transformation from a Benelux frozen meat-snack company into a North-West European frozen snack platform via various acquisitions.

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