Our approach

We strive to be the best owner for companies that aim for sustainable and long-term outperformance in their respective industries. Through an active partnership model, combined with the vision of a long-term owner, we support companies in their various growth paths. The PE Evergreen portfolio currently consists of seven companies in various industries. We have an international investment focus on European and North American globally operating companies active in niche industries.

We firmly believe that people make the difference, investments in digitization are key and excellence in everything you do makes you stand out from the crowd. Every growth path is different and we actively support our companies with investments, pursuing add-on acquisitions or exploring international growth. Entrepreneurs and management teams take the lead and we build on their experience and knowledge. We can accelerate growth initiatives with our expertise and the involvement of our in-house Human Capital and Digitization experts, focusing on building similar competences within the companies.

Egeria encourages growth initiatives that drive sustainable value creation rather than short-term gains. The common denominators we seek in our investments include strong market positions, sustainable business models and committed teams. That is what boldly building together means to us.

Our expertise

Human Capital

Human capital@2x

At Egeria we believe the success of an organization depends on its people. That is why our Human Capital Director focusses on building and strengthening the management teams of our portfolio companies. We make sure that, together with our portfolio companies, we build and develop teams that have the right capabilities on board to grow, to create value and to achieve sustainable high performance.

See how we build high-performing teams at Egeria.



Digital technologies are key drivers in every industry, on the one hand enabling new business models and more efficient operations and on the other hand requiring different capabilities when it comes to security and privacy.

At Nooteboom Textiles we are making the shift from an analogue wholesaler to a digital disruptor. Interested in finding out how?

Operational excellence

Operational excellence@2x

Focus on what you do best and create an environment where your strength is turned into sustainable growth and happy customers. We focus on building a performance culture and we help organizations to achieve scalability of their operations and keep operational control through KPI dashboards.

Royal Sanders did not only make shampoo to become a champion in the personal care market.

Commercial effectiveness

Commercial effectiveness@2x

Understanding our customers’ problems is key for sustainable growth. Drafting a commercial roadmap based on data insights and translating that strategy into customer propositions, pricing models, sales team dynamics and innovative product-market combinations leads to topline growth. We know what it takes for you to increase your commercial effectiveness.

Take a look at what we did at Den Braven.


Buy and build@2x

Selected acquisitions can accelerate growth in new markets and geographies. We can support management actively through our experience in M&A and our broad network of industry experts.

See how we transformed GoodLife Foods from a Benelux frozen meat company to a North-West European frozen snack platform.

International expansion

International expansion@2x

The majority of our portfolio companies have an international footprint or plan to expand their business abroad. It is critical to understand that one size does not necessarily fit all. Local business practices and customs need to be taken into account when setting up shop abroad. At Egeria we have experience in expanding internationally.

Take a look at how we helped MCi to obtain a significant sales and production footprint in China.

“We consider the Egeria team as colleagues who share our values and consistently demonstrate a willingness to stand shoulder to shoulder with us to deliver our short- and long-term business objectives.”

Tim Macdougald | Chief business development officer