Royal Mosa

In June 2005, Egeria acquired Royal Mosa, the Dutch manufacturer of ceramic tiles.

Mosa design studio 2200

Egeria acquired a majority interest from a consortium of Dutch investors, including Holland Venture, and the Italian tile group Riwal.

Royal Mosa is a Dutch manufacturer of ceramic tiles. Its factories in Maastricht produce 6 million square metres of wall and floor tiles per year, all destined for Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. In its home market, the Netherlands, Royal Mosa is the market leader. The company offers a wide range of tiles in many sizes, colours and designs, for both interior and exterior use. Royal Mosa works closely with architects and interior designers.

At two locations in Maastricht, Mosa produces a wide assortment of innovative products. These include tiles with integrated LED lighting, a product which was recently awarded two Red-Dot Awards.

At Mosa we are working closely with the management to create value in a number of areas:

  1. Investment in ageing production facilities, driving expansion of capacity and automation.
  2. Shift in positioning from high-volume, less diversified tiles to high-end, Dutch design for utility-based construction projects (i.e. retail, high-end residential, infrastructure)
  3. Growth in international sales by developing international sales force and partnering with the right value-added resellers
  4. Product innovation and diversification to increase frequency and relevance for architect visits.
  5. Focus on circular positioning as the world’s first ceramic tile manufacturer with cradle-to-cradle silver certification