Ad van Geloven

In February 2004, Egeria, together with the management team of Ad van Geloven, purchased Ad van Geloven from a consortium of investors led by Gilde Participaties.


Ad van Geloven is a leading producer of frozen snacks and appetizers in the Benelux market. The company produces various ragout products (such as croquettes and bitterballen), satay, nasi and bami products (ethnic Indonesian fried rice, respectively, noodle dish) and minced-meat rolls (frikadellen, hamburgers).

In March 2006, Ad van Geloven acquired snack producer Mora from Unilever.

Ad van Geloven has sales of over € 160 million (in 2007) and employs more than 900 people in five factories in the Netherlands. The company distributes its products throughout Europe.

In September 2008, Ad van Geloven was successfully divested to Lion Capital LLP.