JET Group

In April 2014, Egeria, together with management, acquired JET Group Holding B.V. (JET).

Egeria 12 jet group domex ovenlys
    • Entry
    • 2014
    • Exit
    • 2018
    • Industry
    • Rooflight, ventilation and fire safety
    • Number of FTE
    • 778
    • Headquarters
    • Hüllhorst, Germany
    • Active in
    • The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Polen, Switzerland and Great Brittain
  • Jet group logo

JET is a provider of rooflight & ventilation and fire safety solutions for industrial, commercial/public and residential end-markets. JET designs, installs and maintains modular solutions designed for flat roofs, providing natural light sources, natural air ventilation, and smoke and heat exhaust ventilation. The product portfolio of JET consists of Domes, Continuous Rooflights, Glazing Products & Systems, Grillodur and Expanded Polystyrene Products. Furthermore, JET also offers service & maintenance on its products.

JET is the market leader in Germany and holds a No. 3 position in the Netherlands. The Company has its production facilities in the Netherlands and Germany. The statuary holding is located in ‘s Hertogenbosch.