ERED celebrates 5 year anniversary


Our approach

Egeria Real Estate Development (re)develops real estate in different locations in the Netherlands, with around €250m of capital invested to date. Founded in 2015, ERED’s main focus is on complex inner-city projects in which vacant offices are transformed into residential buildings.

The underlying principle in the ERED projects is that the general interest is served in addition to the interest of the investors; this translates into the development of good residential facilities, liveable neighbourhoods and the reactivation of derelict buildings and areas. In doing so, ERED contributes to Egeria’s sustainability ambitions. ERED works for its own account and risk and sells the projects to institutional or individual investors or consumers.

Investment criteria ERED

Egeria Real Estate Development is always interested in investment opportunities, subject to the following conditions:

Asset 7

Inner-city locations in large cities in the Netherlands with an above-average economic and demographic outlook.

Asset 8

Outdated and/or (partly) vacant real estate with a weighted average remaining lease term (WALL) of a maximum of three to five years.

Asset 9

Projects have an opportunistic nature and offer (re)development potential.

Asset 10

Volume > 10,000 m2 and/or construction potential > 250 residences

Asset 11

Volume > 10,000 m2 and/or construction potential > 250 residences