The former office complex will be transformed into a new residential complex

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    • Location
    • Haarlem, Development Zone Europaweg
    • Project type
    • Transformation
    • Previous function
    • Central government agency office
    • New or future function
    • 823 apartments + 131 parking spaces
    • Size
    • 60.840 m2 GFA, 34.826 m2 LFA residential, 4.672 m2 LFA commercial

The challenge centres around constructing some 823 (compact) homes as part of a complex with shared amenities. The living concept is aimed at catering for the housing needs of modern city dwellers who are influenced by major social trends such as sustainability, globalisation, the sharing economy, adaptability, technology, service and comfort to name just a few. Premier quality, sustainable rental apartments with lots of shared facilities and services, which include a gym, a lounge, flexible working and study spaces, a home cinema, a music room, a launderette, a games room, gardens and terraces. In addition, the complex will offer services such as high-speed internet, shared electric cars, 24/7 security and a service desk.

“Schonenvaert will be an iconic portal to Schalkwijk, with 823 homes that contribute positively to sustainable urban development and housing differentiation in the area!”

Jeroen Koops | Project Manager New Cheese Development