Laan van NOI

Greenery plays an important role in the project. It will be added not only to the balconies and terraces but also above the entrance of the parking garage, where an overgrown pergola will be placed and green accents will be added by the parking spaces in The Hague.

    • Location
    • Den Haag, Bezuidenhout
    • Project type
    • Transformation
    • Previous function
    • Office
    • New or future function
    • 205 apartments + 16 townhouses
    • Size
    • 15,300 m2 UFA + 950 m2 LFA
    • Architect
    • Geurst & Schulze
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The project consists of the transformation of a typical 70s office building, built after WWII. Central to the project is a lateral extension along Laan van Nieuw-Oost Indië, involving a terraced construction volume with spacious terraces. This serves to maintain a balanced streetscape. This side is also home to a ground level with added height, which will be used to accommodate retail premises. The higher construction volume, which sits at a right angle to Laan van NOI, has been raised by way of a top level with penthouses. In Carpentierstraat, which is situated around the rear of the complex, three-storey single family homes are to be built over the existing parking garage. This links up the new construction at the same building height as the adjacent constructions whilst also screening the car park from the street.

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Lanvannoi birdseye final

“The residential complex lends a fresh boost to one of The Hague’s most attractive city quarters. The existing building is to be transformed into a variegated construction block that is patterned to reflect the surrounding constructions in the streetscape, breathing life into the roads and alleys. The stately architecture is a great fit with the atmosphere and allure of the Bezuidenhout quarter.”

Jeroen Geurst | Architect Geurst & Schulze