LUCIA brings together the best of 21st century city living, combining student housing and its amenities with a curated selection of food and lifestyle concepts.

Lucia interieur
    • Location
    • Rotterdam, City Center
    • Project type
    • Transformation
    • Previous function
    • Municipality office
    • New or future function
    • 218 studios + 11 commercial units
    • Size
    • 4,000 m2 UFA + 2,000 m2 LFA
    • Architect
    • VANWILSUMVANLOON (architect) & Standard Studio (interior architect)
  • Lucia

“The ceiling height allowed us to raise the double bed, creating a lot of living space. By merging functions that are needed in a micro-home we saved a lot of space in the floorplan. For example, the staircase towards the bed is also a cabinet. The sink is used by the kitchen and bathroom. The bench is combined with a desk, and so on… The end result is a 17m2 micro-apartment with all the services a student needs.”

Wouter Slot | Architect Standard Studio