LUCIA brings together the best of 21st century city living, combining student housing and its amenities with a curated selection of food and lifestyle concepts.

Lucia interieur
    • Location
    • Rotterdam, City Center
    • Project type
    • Transformation
    • Previous function
    • Municipality office
    • New or future function
    • 218 studios + 11 commercial units
    • Size
    • 4,000 m2 UFA + 2,000 m2 LFA
    • Architect
    • VANWILSUMVANLOON (architect) & Standard Studio (interior architect)
  • Lucia front

LUCIA contains 218 micro-apartments for first-year international students from Erasmus University College. These apartments are on the upper floors of the building, on which the communal rooftop gardens are also situated. In the basement there is a central meeting area, a study area, a music area, a laundry room and bicycle storage, all of which are for the exclusive use of the building’s residents. The ground floor offers 11 commercial units for F&B and retail.


“The ceiling height allowed us to raise the double bed, creating a lot of living space. By merging functions that are needed in a micro-home we saved a lot of space in the floorplan. For example, the staircase towards the bed is also a cabinet. The sink is used by the kitchen and bathroom. The bench is combined with a desk, and so on… The end result is a 17m2 micro-apartment with all the services a student needs.”

Wouter Slot | Architect Standard Studio