Joining Egeria in mid-2015, he is the co-founder of Egeria’s real estate development vehicle. Roderik is responsible for the acquisition, sale and development of projects.

Previously Roderik worked for investment firm Pinnacle where he was in charge of the acquisition and disposition of transformation projects within the real estate development portfolio.

Roderik began his career at Royal BAM Group, where he started out at the central design and project department and later went to head up the redevelopment activities. Roderik holds a Master’s degree in construction engineering from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and a Master’s degree in real estate from the Amsterdam School of Real Estate. Since graduating, the redevelopment of existing real estate has been his professional passion. After conducting various research projects, he remains attached to the TU Delft in this regard.

Alongside the social relevance of his work, he is inspired by the creativity and complexity of redevelopment: he is driven to find appropriate solutions for each project.