United Painting

In 2019 Egeria Do entered a two-year partnership (2019-2021) with United Painting to support them in a Pan-European project within their United Painting Academy. In 2022 we extended our collaboration with another year to support the development of their Design Tool.


Since 16 years United Painting has been successful in establishing art-interventions in vulnerable environments with the goal to realize sustainable social and economic self-reliance. A thorough study of local circumstances, close and respectful collaboration with residents and organizations/authorities on-site, and professional guidance are crucial in all their projects. Art is used as stimulation, an injection, through which movement is created and a mentality-change is realized: the neighborhood is given a face and thereby it’s residents a voice! Demoralization and negativity make way for hope and optimism. Concrete improvements for, in and of the neighborhood; also long-term.



In 2021-2022 a large project took place in collaboration with the Central Station in Amsterdam. During this project their design phase was innovated into a digital tool that truly makes co-creation with participants possible. Co-creation has always been one of United Paintings’ most important drivers as it activates a participant in making the environment feel like their ‘own’ place.

After the successful launch of the tool at CS Amsterdam the next step is to further investigate, refine and test this tool during three projects. These projects will be set-up at different AZCs in the Netherlands in collaboration with foundation Movement on the Ground. Afterwards the tool can be rolled-out in refugee camps in Europe.



The support from Egeriado will enable United Painting to further develop the tool, test it during three projects and then moving forward roll it out in all other projects.