In June 2022 Egeriado entered a three-year partnership with stichting Studiezalen to support them in the expansion of their ‘Digital LifeCoachingsplatform’.


For over 10 years Stichting Studiezalen has been committed to improve equal opportunity of youth and families in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. They’re active in the most vulnerable neighbourhoods in Amsterdam and Zaandam, where urban issues such as language deficiency, educational disadvantage, poverty, neighbourhood-specific exclusion and early school leaving are prominent. They have an integral approach in that they take several life areas into account when providing for solutions. This is realized by intensive guidance on both an educational and personal level, through homework assistance, Life Coaching and talent development.

Studiezalen is faced with waiting lists in Amsterdam and additionally, other municipalities have expressed their interest in rolling out the Studiezalen concept in their region. There is a national demand for the Studiezalen method, and this confirms the mission to expand and scale up. With the expansion of the digital LifeCoachingsplatform this demand can be met.



The digital LifeCoachingsplatform is a student following system that is specifically designed to align with the Studiezalen method, so that quantitative and qualitative data collection, working according to their proven method and easy generation of reports is enabled. The development of the digital LifeCoachingsplatform is necessary to ensure both scaling and qualitative improvement and realize an overall bigger impact. Furthermore, this LifeCoachingsplatform enables other organizations to work according to the Studiezalen method, whilst maintaining quality control.



The support from Egeriado will enable stichting Studiezalen to expand their ‘Digital LifeCoachingsplatform’, ensure further steering on quantitative and qualitative impact and roll out to more municipalities in the Netherlands.