stichting Landschap Noord-Holland

In 2023 Egeriado entered a ten-year partnership with stichting Landschap Noord-Holland to enlarge and strengthen the peatland meadows such as in the Ilperverld. Together we have set-up a Revolving Nature Fund.


Landschap Noord-Holland is committed to the protection and conservation of nature, valuable landscapes and cultural-historical heritage in Noord-Holland. From a small foundation established in 1936, it grew into a significant social organization with currently 100 nature reserves. The foundation is focused on biodiversity, acquiring new nature plots and turning agricultural lands into new nature. It also executes projects and other activities that contribute to a sustainable living environment.



Landschap Noord-Holland is the owner of a large part of the nature area Ilperveld, a peatland meadow 6km north of Amsterdam. Here foresters make every endeavour to preserve and develop this peatland and grow the biodiversity. In this area CO2 is captured, and by raising the water level peat burning is reduced and subsidence is prevented. With the Revolving Nature Fund, Landschap Noord-Holland is able to acquire and de-lease (agricultural) parcels in peatland meadows such as in the Ilperverld, and thereby invest in more and better nature, CO2 capturing, prevention of subsidence and the strengthening of the biodiversity. The acquisition also contributes to the completion of the ‘NatuurNetwerk Nederland’.



The support from Egeriado will enable Landschap Noord-Holland to set-up a Revolving Nature Fund for the purpose of the acquisition and de-leasing of parcels in the area Ilperveld, and as such the preservation of nature and the capturing of CO2.