In 2021 Egeriado entered a three-year partnership with Stadslab to support them in the expansion of the coverage of their Stadslab-program.


Stadslab was founded to offer youth equal democratic chances and to fortify the democratic constitutional state by means of good citizenship education. Stadslab makes a difference through developing tailor-made evidence informed courses in collaboration with teachers, and by creating a place for schools to be able to learn from each other. Students investigate who they are, what they believe is important and what differences and similarities exist between them and their fellow townsmen. They practice democratic knowledge and skills and give their own interpretation of the values of our democratic constitutional state. Democratic skilled students make a difference in their neighborhood, city and country. These students will develop into autonomous and critical citizens with an eye for the general interest who will protect equality of opportunity. ‘Modern citizenship education as an indispensable fundament for a free, social and resilient country.’



Stadslab developed a program and tested it with teachers at several schools in Amsterdam and upgraded the program after evaluation. The overall learning objectives: learn about, and application and practice of democratic knowledge, skills and attitudes. In addition, students from different schools connect with each other, and work together on joint assignments in which they provide insight into that what unites them is greater than what separates them. They also learn that conflict is part of democracy, and that there are various democratic ways in which you can make a difference on subjects that are important to you or others.

The program can be adjusted to the specific wishes and circumstances of a school and Stadslab offers support with the implementation of the program. The goal is the make a school fully independent of support and able to independently develop the program within 1 to 5 years. Stadslab wishes to collect all the experiences and insights made so far and use these to create a manual, and training & support program for teachers.



The support from Egeriado will enable Stadslab to accelerate the transferability of the Stadslab-program and increase their impact by: 1) shortening the time needed for a school to independently execute the program, 2) where possible scale up the program nationally.