Special Olympics

In 2019 Egeria Do entered a three-year partnership with Special Olympics to support them in the development and roll-out of the ‘Scoor je PR’-app.


Special Olympics is a sporting organisation for people with intellectual disabilities and has the following mission: creating opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to take part in various sports, training and competition year-round, in order to provide them with continuous development, loads of fun, and the ability to show courage and share this with their loved ones. Special Olympics also offers programs that go beyond sport, creating social contacts and improving health. This results in more self-confidence and independence, and it creates a positive image of people with intellectual disabilities as full citizens of our society.



Research shows that people with intellectual disabilities often have poor access to good healthcare. Above average they are victim of wrong diagnosis, poor information and of the fact that health issues are not recognized or too late. The biggest cause is not their disability, but an inactive and unhealthy lifestyle and poor identification and diagnosis in the health sector. To turn things around, to improve their fitness and health long-term, we need a new digital program: a Healthy Athletes program supported by a ‘Scoor je PR’-app. The app will at first be launched within the Special Olympics athletes group and their trainers, in order to thoroughly test the app a yearlong before a national roll-out. With a potential to roll out to other countries. In addition, the app provides relevant data upon which parents, caretakers and general practice doctors can improve identification and diagnosis.



The support from Egeriado will enable Special Olympics to develop, build and roll out the ‘Scoor je PR’-app in the next three years. With the Healthy Athletes program and corresponding app a more active and healthy lifestyle is structurally stimulated which provides for an enormous boost to the necessary identification and diagnosis. And so, the knowledge and competence of family and health care sector will improve.