In 2023 Egeriado entered a two-year partnership with ONSbank to support them with the reinforcement and scaling of their ONSbank-program.


ONSbank strives for a more human handling with youth that struggle with dept. Their vision is that dept can only be solved sustainably when the identity and feeling of self-worth of youth is also strengthened. Furthermore, ONSbank actively involves creditor companies in finding solutions for dept issues with the goal to create necessary change in the financial system. ONSbank supports youth with an innovative program of 24 weeks, which is free of charge for the participant. This ONSbank program gives youth with dept the possibility to get a hold on their financial and personal situation.

Together with a personal debt-coach the participant can gain control of the financial part, and a debt ‘stand-still’ period is created. With this the youngster can participate in the creative workshop program without the stress of their dept. In this part of the program they work on personal development. The goal of this program is to activate the participants and give them the energy and motivation to tackle their debt.



To reinforce and scale the current operation several elements are of importance. With this donation it will be possible to structurally work on: 1) expanding the pool of debt-coaches (all credit manager volunteers), 2) more participants through targeted recruitment of youth, and 3) the automatization of the work processes. These three elements ensure a desired gear drive: more efficiency within the programs and so being able to grow sustainably, whilst guaranteeing the essential personal attention towards youth. Moreover, focused impact measurement can be done. By automating the work processes it possible to optimize the data collection and as such ensure the monitoring and proving of the impact of their methodology.



The support from Egeriado will enable ONSbank to strengthen their current operations in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. And upon this firm base they can build and meet the growing demand of their program in other cities in the Netherlands.