Young Perspectives

In 2023 Egeriado entered a one-year partnership with Young Perspectives (YOPE) to support them with the reinforcement of the growth and impact of their program.


Since 2015 Young Perspectives (YOPE) has been meeting youth and professionals in closed forensic care facilities, and holds a unique position. The YOPE workshops are a reoccurring component of the school and day program in juvenile prison. YOPE works towards a future where youth can reinvent themselves after detention and hold a positive outlook on the world around them, o.a through spoken word, sport and sharing stories about lived experiences. Furthermore, YOPE also strives for a sustainable system change whilst creating a significant impact on youth who are still currently in the broken system. In 2025 YOPE desires to: 1) meet every youngster in a juvenile detention center; 2) ensure that all stories about the impact of their work contribute to a sustainable system change.



To reinforce the growth and impact of their work the donation will be geared towards the development of an online, interactive and more standardized training program. Also, the digitalisation and optimalisation of their intranet and HD-system for their team of teachers. And setting up a scientific research on the long-term impact of YOPE outside of the detention centers, in collaboration with the RUG and UvA.



The support from Egeriado will enable YOPE to digitize their training program and intranet, and also set-up the research on the long-term impact of their program.