In 2021 Egeriado entered a three-year partnership with stichting Technotrend to support them in the expansion of their educational ‘Circular Recycling Centre‘ program.


Stichting Technotrend (STT) focusses on integrating practical technology education programs within the themes ‘circular economy’ (litter  and waste separation) and energy transition (energy saving, sustainable energy) in our education system. STT provides programs, projects and workshops for all levels of education and education-related organisations. Within the theme of circular economy STT has setup the project ‘Circular Recycling Centre‘. Municipalities face an increasing challenge with litter and waste separation, in particular at the recycling centre. By many associated with ‘dumping of…’. STT is developing, together with JMA (de Jonge Milieu Advies), possibilities to turn the ‘Classic Recycling Centre’ into a ‘Circular Recycling Centre‘ in which education plays a key role. The goal is to increase the awareness and in the end make real change in the behaviour of residents.



At a Circular Recycling Centre students can experience and learn, with continuous learning-processes (course modules, program lines, excursions and internships & workplaces), all circular themes and skills on site. This stimulates investigative and hands-on learning. Furthermore, connection with technical vocational education is sought and start-ups and innovations on site are stimulated. STT holds the facilitator role between residents, municipalities and education, and develops the educational material that is necessary to embed the learning processes. Once a network at and around a Circular Recycling Centre is stable (after ± 3 years) STT withdraws to an advisory role, and all parties involved are able to carry out the project independently.



The support from Egeriado will enable

stichting Technotrend to setup the educational section at the Circular Recycling Centre (initially at Heerenveen) and ensure for internal coherence of the activities. The Circular Recycling Centre at Heerenveen will serve as a testcase. After year 2 the learnings from this testcase will be transferred to other locations in the Netherlands, and ultimately the goal is to obtain a wide coverage at all recycling centres.