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06 / 07 / 2024

SUPERP intensifies collaboration with Interdobs and Powerdobs

SAP service provider SUPERP is intensifying its longstanding cooperation with Interdobs and Powerdobs through the acquisition of 100% of shares.

The complementary range of services is central to the acquisition. Where Interdobs and Powerdobs have years of experience in data-driven solutions in SAP and Microsoft, SUPERP excels in service domains such as security, testing and development within SAP, Mendix and SalesForce. By joining forces, SUPERP accelerates its prowess around customer advice, implementation and optimization. Interdobs and Powerdobs will continue to operate under their own names and from their own offices in Den Bosch.

Advanced Data Integration
With the acquisition, SUPERP continues to build on its mission to be the go-to digital Core specialist for large and medium-sized organizations. There is a growing need for the integration of primary processes with applications. The seamless integration of processes, systems and data determines the success of a data-driven organization. The Data & Analytics expertise of Interdobs and Powerdobs helps organizations speed up their digital journey. The knowledge and experience of Interdobs and Powerdobs make it possible to integrate, analyze and optimize complex data flows. By coupling this with the expertise of SUPERP, customers are served better and more broadly. The cross-pollination ensures that even more value is extracted from existing systems and customers are fully relieved of their digital transformation.

Rob Huisman, Managing Partner Interdobs: “We have been working with SUPERP for years and our company DNA is very similar. By now fully joining force, we are able to make an impact in implementing our collective expertise and innovative strategies in strategic places, all while growing our focus on SAP Business Intelligence”.

Leon Huijsmans, Managing Partner Powerdobs: “SUPERP offers us the opportunity to connect with new customers and hence give our growth in the field of Microsoft Data and Analytics an extra boost”

Ruud Hoogendorp, CEO SUPERP: “With this acquisition, we strengthen our position as a Digital Core partner for intensive digital transformation projects. The collaboration has a synergistic effect, where both the service portfolios and company culture of both companies complement and strengthen each other. The success of SUPERP is partly due to our entrepreneurship and flexibility, which aligns well with the identity of Interdobs and Powerdobs.”

Interdobs and Powerdobs together have revenues exceeding 8 million Euros and employ about 45 people. No further financial details are disclosed.

About Interdobs
Interdobs has been operating since 2005 and has evolved into the leading SAP service provider in the field of Business Intelligence. They offer consulting, management, and project support on both on-premise and cloud products from SAP for data modeling, data analysis, reporting, dashboards, and predictive analysis. SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Datasphere are the prominent platforms through which Interdobs realizes its solutions for its clients.

About Powerdobs
Whether it is a data lake, a data warehouse or an intuitive dashboard, Powerdobs creates value from data. Powerdobs is a Dutch service provider in the field of Data and Analytics with in-depth knowledge of the Azure Data Platform and Power BI. They combine profound IT knowledge with people skills to add long-term value to their client organizations.

Since 1999, SUPERP has been a high-value SAP consultancy service provider in the Dutch market. The company has seen substantial growth in recent years and offers a wide range of SAP-related services. Among other things, it has built leading market positions in knowledge domains such as Security, Testing and Development. The service offering for SAP using organizations has been expanded through subsidiaries MxBlue (Mendix) and SxBlue (SalesForce). As of 2024, over 340 consultants operate under the SUPERP banner to aid leading companies in realizing their digital and SAP-related challenges. More information can be found at or follow SUPERP on LinkedIn.