25 / 09 / 2019

Egeria acquires a stake in Tuindeco Group

Egeria acquires a stake in Tuindeco Group

Tuindeco Group, founded in 1993, has achieved significant organic growth over the last years. The company has excellent production and sourcing capabilities, a broad and deep assortment, and offers value added services to optimally service its customers.

The investment by Egeria provides the company with the financial backing and operational support to continue to grow through further international expansion and acquisitions.

Floris Waage, managing partner at Egeria: “Historically, Tuindeco Group has displayed an impressive track record of growth. Through continuous entrepreneurship and product development, the group has built a strong market position and continues to attract new customers. We look forward to partner with management and support the company during this next growth phase.”

Bert Weering, founder and CEO of Tuindeco: “We are very excited to take Egeria on board as a new partner. Over the past 26 years we built on Tuindeco with small steps at a time. We believe Tuindeco is now ready to accelerate growth, we can make this happen together with Egeria.”

About Tuindeco Group

Founded in 1993, Tuindeco started off as an importer of treated Polish wood. Over the years, the company developed into a leading producer, wholesaler and e-retailer of garden wood products such as log cabins, garden fences, and garden wood. Tuindeco sells its products throughout Europe.

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About Egeria

Egeria is an independent Dutch investment company founded in 1997, which focuses on medium-sized companies. Egeria invests in healthy companies with an enterprise value between EUR 50 million and EUR 350 million. Egeria believes in building great businesses together with entrepreneurial management teams (Samen Durven Bouwen, Resolutely Building Together). Egeria Private Equity Funds has investments in nine companies, Egeria Evergreen has investments in five companies. Egeria’s portfolio companies have a combined turnover of c. EUR 2 billion and employ close to 10,000 people. Other activities are Egeria Real Estate Investments and Egeria Real Estate Development.

In 2018, Egeria has launched Egeriado, a corporate giving program sponsoring projects in the fields of the arts, culture and social objectives.