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05 / 10 / 2023

SUPERP has brought investor Egeria on board

SUPERP has brought investor Egeria on board to collaborate with the existing management and current shareholders in advancing the company’s further development.

SUPERP has been operating as a high-quality SAP consultancy service provider in the Dutch market since 1999. The company has experienced significant growth in recent years and offers a wide range of SAP-related services. It has also established leading market positions in knowledge domains such as security, testing, and development. Additionally, the service offering for SAP-using organizations has expanded further through subsidiaries MxBlue (Mendix) and SxBlue (SalesForce). As of 2023, over 300 consultants work under the SUPERP banner to assist leading companies in achieving their digital and SAP-related challenges.

EGERIA provides SUPERP with the necessary additional financial resources, operational capabilities and knowhow to further realize its growth ambitions. In the coming years, SUPERP will place extra focus on expanding its service offerings to continue meeting the growing needs of its clients. Sander van Alphen, partner at Egeria, stated: “We are impressed by the growth that the SUPERP team has achieved in recent years. Through a combination of entrepreneurship, deep technical knowledge, long-term client relationships, and an appealing company culture, SUPERP has secured a strong position in the market for SAP (related) services. We look forward to supporting the SUPERP team in realizing their ambition to grow further and become even more relevant to their esteemed clients.”

Ruud Hoogendorp, Managing Director at SUPERP, expressed, “We are extremely proud of our company and what we have accomplished with our people over the past 24 years. We have created an environment where both our consultants and our clients feel at home and valued. To continue fulfilling the ambitions of our clients and our organization, we are very pleased with the additional capabilities we gain through our collaboration with Egeria.”