05 / 11 / 2021

Sif studying expansion plans to capture offshore wind market growth

Amsterdam, 5 November 2021, Egeria Group AG (‘’Egeria’’) has taken notice of the Sif Holding n.v. (‘’Sif”) announcement this morning that it is studying the feasibility of an increase in manufacturing capabilities and capacity.

Sif will initially target max 11.5-meter diameter monopiles with 120-meter length and average weights up to 2500 tons per unit while meeting the pace of 200 monopiles per year. In this envisaged new manufacturing set-up, Sif takes into account a further possible step-up to 15-meter diameter.

To be production-ready at the end of 2024, it requires a substantial extension of Sif’s facilities in Rotterdam and the adjustment of existing facilities in Roermond.

The final investment decision is targeted for July 2022. Subject to certain conditions being met such as returns on capital employed, financing commitments, launching utilization levels and compliance with Egeria investment criteria, Egeria as a shareholder is supportive of these developments and is looking forward to engage in a constructive financing dialogue with the company.