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  • Office: Zug

After studying at Delft University of Technology, Menno spent just under 10 years with Heineken in various operational posts. Supplemented with an MBA from IMD, in 2000 he started out with 3i, an international private equity company, where he was in charge of the Benelux up until 2011 when he moved up in the ranks to run the global 3i Private Equity team as a Managing Partner. In 2019, he laid this international role to rest and set out to find fresh challenges.

Menno currently serves as a supervisory director with Action, as chairman of the Supervisory Board at SOS Children’s Villages and as a member of the Board of Directors of the Delft University Fund. In addition, he is also an informal investor.

Menno: “After spending almost two decades at 3i with great pleasure, I relish the opportunity to work with a professional and ambitious team again, discussing deals and ways for businesses to further improve their performance. Egeria boasts an impressive track record and has big plans for the future. I am very happy to help lend shape to that future.”