Investeringsmaatschappij egeria.

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At Egeria, Fleur is involved in the Real Estate accounting activities of ERED and EREI. Before joining Egeria, Fleur worked in the healthcare industry. After her studies she started as a controller at OLVG.
She then worked for a mental health company (GGZ inGeest), where she had two roles: a financial role which saw her handle all the finances of the IT/IM department, and the role of team leader Business Intelligence, where she was responsible for the management of the information that was created within the company.

But she started her career at Deloitte, as an assistant accountant whilst studying Accounting at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. She also holds a Master’s degree in International Management from the same university. Fleur likes the variety of duties her job entails and enjoys working closely with her finance colleagues.