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  • Office: Zug

Nicolas spent a good few years as the managing director of a Single Family Office headquartered in Switzerland where he looked after the interests of an international, widely dispersed family of entrepreneurs and the various companies owned by them. He served as the family lawyer and as a trusted adviser for many clients and business owners. His job was to come up with bespoke solutions in response to a wide range of legal, financial and tax-related queries in a personal and confidential manner. Nicolas enjoys taking a holistic and interdisciplinary approach in the way he takes on challenges.

Nicolas is excited by the prospect of putting his experience at the service of Egeria’s Board of Directors where he will also be bringing a Swiss perspective.
Nicolas also has experience serving as a member on various boards of directors and boards of trustees and as a member of the investment committee of a pension fund.
Previously he worked as a lawyer and with a major Swiss bank.