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complex inner-city projects, in different locations in the Netherlands. Our aim is to create value with future-proof real estate. Our high quality residential and office projects can revitalize communities and give environments a vibrant new meaning.

We invest_vision

Our focus remains on impactful results. We exceed expectations, rocess on constructive collaboration, keeping all parties aligned. We make the spotlight shine on revitalized areas and the people that enjoy them, as we forge a path forward with an inspiring vision for tomorrow.

We invest_creativity

Egeria Real Estate Development (ERED) offers the creativity needed to have a positive impact on the Netherlands’ real estate landscape. We transform buildings and their environment, revitalizing cities for sustainable growth. It’s the creativity needed to give these locations a new significance.

We invest_courage

To see the real potential of locations – way beyond the now – takes courage. It’s this courage that leads us to the kind of projects that others might consider too complex or risk-prone. Beautiful projects, which create a positive impact on people and inner city environments.

We invest_stewardship

At ERED, we prioritize the general interest alongside investor goals. Our projects align with Egeria’s sustainability ambitions, repurposing structures for efficiency and minimizing waste. We go to great lengths to show sincere stewardship for the environment, for the people who benefit from it and for all partners involved. It’s the only way to really be future-proof.

Investment criteria ERED

Egeria Real Estate Development is always interested in investment opportunities, subject to the following conditions:

Asset 7

A focus on large cities in the Netherlands (Randstad area) with an appealing economic and demographic outlook

Asset 8

Opportunistic ventures with potential for (re)development and a project duration < 5 years

Asset 9

Within walking distance (<1 km) from a public transport hub or stop

Asset 10

Minimum plot size of 5.000 sq m with or without outdated and/or (partially) vacant properties

Potential volume > 15.000 sq m GFA

Ticket size

Ticket size per proposition up to 30 million Euros

“They invest true courage, partnering with ERED is a testament to our shared audacity to envision and execute projects that transcend conventional boundaries. Egeria’s fearless commitment to seeing the untapped potential in locations beyond the present is the driving force behind our collaboration, leading us to beautifully intricate projects that others might deem too complex or risk prone.”

Jeroen Koops | Project manager Schonenvaert, New Cheese Development


Egeria 01


A unique property, connecting the ‘South Axis’ Dutch prime business district to the ‘Oud Zuid’ upscale residential neighbourhood.

  • Location
  • Amsterdam, South Axis
  • New or future function
  • Office
Rachmaninoffhuis side image


Sustainable transformation of former office into residential complex in Utrecht

  • Location
  • Utrecht, Welgelegen
  • New or future function
  • 132 apartments
Lucia front


218 micro-apartments for first-year international students from Erasmus University College

  • Location
  • Rotterdam, City Center
  • New or future function
  • 218 studios + 11 commercial units
Ricardo residences

Ricardo Residences

Transformation of former IBM Dynatos office into residential complex in Amsterdam

  • Location
  • Amsterdam, Riekerpolder
  • New or future function
  • 365 apartments + commercial
Lanvannoi stp06 final screen 768

Laan van NOI

Transformation of a typical 70s office building

  • Location
  • Den Haag, Bezuidenhout
  • New or future function
  • 205 apartments + 16 townhouses


The former office complex will be transformed into a new residential complex

  • Location
  • Haarlem, Development Zone Europaweg
  • New or future function
  • 823 apartments + 131 parking spaces
Rotterdam science tower

Rotterdam Science Tower

Refurbishment of a 22-floor office and adjacent parking garage

  • Location
  • Rotterdam, Makers District
De werf bij de sluis in muiden 1

De Werf bij de Sluis in Muiden

Former shipyard transformed into 51 residences

  • Location
  • Muiden, historical city center
  • New or future function
  • 61 residences + 46 berths
De loosdrechtse haven

De Loosdrechtse Haven

The marina is located in the heart of one the most stunning recreational areas the Netherlands has to offer

  • Location
  • Loosdrecht, Loosdrechtse Plassen
Egeria 2

Blaak 333

The former Rabobank office will be transformed into a state-of-the-art mixed-use building.

  • Location
  • Rotterdam, city center
  • New or future function
  • Mixed use

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