In 2023 Egeriado entered a two-year partnership with Forward·Inc to support them with the further development of their Mentorship Program and setting up an accompanying digital tool.


Forward·Inc is a Netherlands-based, internationally operating organisation devoted to helping newcomers pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. They do this by empowering them to launch, grow, fund, and sustain their own businesses through five different programs. Forward’s programs assist aspiring entrepreneurs with everything from concept development and becoming pitch-ready to implementing marketing strategies and scaling their businesses. The Digital Entrepreneurship Program, the Forward Incubator and het Growth Program are fixed programs that take place twice a year. Furthermore, there is a yearly Forward Accelerator program and they recently set up a reoccurring support program for all participating entrepreneurs through their Mentorship Program. All programs align to the development phase of the entrepreneur/start-up. Yearly they support ± 600 participants.



The goal of Forward·Inc is to support as much newcomers as possible in their entrepreneurship journey. Within that journey one important aspect is the Mentorship Program. Through this program participants can receive continuous support whilst and after they have completed one of the other programs. Currently most operations are manually executed by the program managers of Forward·Inc. The coming years they want to automate these operations with an application/digital tool to make is more easy, efficient and effective for entrepreneurs and mentors to apply, do an intake and make a match. This will ensure both qualitative and quantitative growth.



The support from Egeriado will enable Forward·Inc to further develop their Mentorship Program and set-up an accompanying digital tool.