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Carlijn, Stefan and Luuc tell about their internship

Stefan Tilro, intern in the Private Equity Funds Team (September – December 2021)

Stefan, what have you learnt during this internship?
Before my internship at Egeria I wanted to learn how to analyse companies in depth. Three months on, I still have a lot to learn, of course, but I have gained a better insight into what distinguishes a successful firm from a less successful one. One of the aspects I really like is that you learn to look beyond the financial statements. The success of a company is ultimately down to the people behind it, so when making an investment decision it’s essential not only to have a good business plan, but also to investigate whether there’s a good click with the team and whether the right people are in the right place; this is the basis for effective collaboration that underpins success.

What work have you been able to do during the internship?
During my internship I’ve been closely involved in sourcing potential deals. Egeria Funds does not focus on specific sectors, so I constantly delve into all kinds of companies across a range of industries. That’s a challenge, of course, but above all it’s very interesting to constantly learn about new firms. It also means that my work is different every day. There’s also plenty of scope for your own initiatives. In fact, people really appreciate them. Naturally that makes the work particularly enjoyable.

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Luuc Hulsebosch, intern in the Private Equity Evergreen Team (September – December 2021)

Luuc, what makes you recommend an internship at Egeria?
To start with, there’s a great atmosphere in the office. Everyone is very friendly, and during the first week of my internship everyone made an effort to introduce themselves to me. They also organised a lot of training and activities to stimulate the development of the team. I didn’t expect to feel so much part of the team in just three months.

What have you learnt during the internship?
It teaches you about modelling, analysis and presentation, because these techniques are an important part of the day-to-day activities in Private Equity. You also learn how to take a structured approach to answering difficult questions about companies and markets. Breaking the bigger picture down into smaller, individual questions that are easy to answer enables you to tackle the big issue in a clear and controlled way.

What are the challenging aspects of the internship?
At Egeria you really are part of the team, so that’s how people treat you. You have to be able to explain and defend your work and to adjust it in line with other people’s views. Working on projects both as a team and individually means you get freedom and responsibility to deliver a good result. That involves a degree of independence that’s challenging but also very educational.

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Carlijn van Doorne, intern in the Listed Investments Team (September 2021 – March 2022)

What have you learnt during this internship?
You learn how to analyse a company, how to take a structured approach to your work, but also that every company requires a different approach. I’ve also learnt how to present results to the team and to external parties. I was given opportunities to attend meetings with the companies’ management teams right from the first week of my internship. It was fascinating to learn how to prepare for such meetings from an investor’s perspective.

What makes you recommend an internship at Egeria?
Egeria Listed Investments is a smaller team within Egeria, and I felt part of the team right away. A small team also means you’re given responsibilities at an early stage. There’s a great atmosphere throughout the office, so I’ve always had a good feeling about the internship. At Egeria you have an opportunity to learn a lot, and the week ends on a pleasant note with Friday drinks.

What have you been able to do during your internship?
I’ve been involved in the whole investment process, including analysing and evaluating potential investments and markets. I also helped the team to analyse the existing listed investments in the portfolio. Working with the team you’re constantly investigating a deeper layer, it’s really interesting.

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